We're on a mission to improve outcomes for special education students in the developing world

It is Estimated that 4 in 5 Children with Disabilities Live in the Developing World.

To thrive and live a fulfilling life is not limited by one's disability - It is limited by the resources available at hand. Project R.E.A.Ch. aims to change this.

The Global Initiative for Special Education

Project R.E.A.Ch.’s Global Initiative for Special Education aims to create equality and empower those with special needs across the developing world. Through select international partnerships, needs-assessments and implementation of ongoing projects, the Global Initiative aims to create hubs for knowledge which can then be disseminated across the region.


Identify & Establish Meaningful Partnerships


Build Capacity through Professional Exchange


Disseminate Knowledge Across the Region


Continued Training & Support

OutR.E.A.Ch. Trips

Experience a New Culture • Gain International Experience • Give Back through Meaningful Projects

OutR.E.A.Ch trips are service expeditions in Asia, Africa or Latin America for professionals & students in the education field. Experience a new culture, explore the sights and sounds of the country and provide trainings to teachers and students in the developing world.

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Project R.E.A.Ch. is a non-profit expanding special education opportunities for students in the developing world.

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