We're on a mission to improve outcomes for special education students in the developing world

It is Estimated that 4 in 5 Children with Disabilities Live in the Developing World.

To thrive and live a fulfilling life is not limited by one's disability - It is limited by the resources available at hand. Project R.E.A.Ch. aims to change this.

Our Model


Identify & Establish Meaningful Partnerships


Build Capacity through Professional Exchange


Disseminate Knowledge Across the Region


Continued Training & Support

OutR.E.A.Ch. Trips

Experience a New Culture • Gain International Experience • Give Back through Meaningful Projects

OutR.E.A.Ch trips are service expeditions in Asia, Africa or Latin America for professionals & students in the education field. Experience a new culture, explore the sights and sounds of the country and provide trainings to teachers and students in the developing world.

Where We Work

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Project R.E.A.Ch. is a non-profit expanding special education opportunities for students in the developing world.

Join us on our mission.