The Global Initiative for Special Education

Education + Technology + Passion

EQUALS CHANGE. Project R.E.A.Ch. partners with schools, non-profits and community-based organizations across the world with the common goal of creating a sustainable foundation for these children - particularly those with special needs. In most developing countries, resources are extremely limited and those with special needs are frequently left behind. We seek to change this. Our model utilizes the most modern technologies alongside targeted in-country trainings to instigate lasting change setting the partner up as a knowledge hub in the region.

Technology = Sustainability

Technology is the cornerstone of Project R.E.A.Ch.'s model. Through a combination of video trainings and early childhood education software, we utilize technology to create a sustainable platform that students and teachers can utilize long after we leave. Through fundraising and grants, we aim to create and purchase these tools which are implemented by our visiting groups and actively used in the classroom.



Targeted Teacher Trainings

Every partnership that we create starts with a detailed assessment of the current state of the school or program along with a profile of the students and staff. With this information, we select the corresponding technology and trainings which are implemented by our visiting groups. These include faculty-led university programs, students and professionals in the education field and R.E.A.Ch. staff.

A Hub of Knowledge & Ideas

With the trainings in place and the technology at hand, we empower our partners to become hubs of knowledge sharing and ideas in the regions where we operate. Our ultimate aim is to develop regional conferences utilizing these hubs as the hosts and inviting leaders in the early childhood and special education community to attend. The continuous evolution and dissemination of these technologies and trainings will be a critical link in the chain of development.